How Deep Should a French Drain Be In Macomb Township, MI

How Deep Should a French Drain Be? Macomb Twp, MIHow deep should a French drain be in Macomb Twp., MI? It all depends on the application. Here, we’re tying in to a storm drain catch basin that already is sleeved. The bottom of that sleeve is 18 inches, so we want it at least be to that depth.

Now, as far as the slope of the French drain trench here, we have great slope. There is pitch here, the problem is, all the water runs at a swale on high concentrations.  The turf grass here is beautiful.  It’s bluegrass. We have some of the nicest grass up here in the North. We really are fortunate. But when you’re trying to get water, to drain through this turf grass mat, you need a lot of slope. You need extreme slope. So, even in a swale, that’s sloped you end up with lawn mower rutting, the lawn mower sinking, sometimes even having areas where the waters standing.

If you go ahead and you just trench that 18 inches down to that sleeve on that storm drain catch basin, and then just continue that. The grade itself already has enough pitch, as long as you have stone that will move the water. The stone then will allow the water to run through the turf grass, because the clay pan underneath it, it doesn’t allow for any drainage whatsoever.

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