Curtain French Drain Yard Drainage System in Oakland Township, Michigan

Curtain French Drain Install - Oakland / Macomb County, MIWe’re installing a curtain French drain around this outdoor living space. Let me explain how it works. There’s a high concentration of roof runoff water that comes off the house, and then there’s a lot of water that comes down the side yard because there’s a walkout basement. So, you have this real speak slope. The ground really isn’t going to perk much water. The water’s just going to run down. It’ll end up on the hardscape. It doesn’t matter if it’s brick pavers, concrete, it doesn’t perk. The water runs across that, and then finally, after collecting all this roof runoff water, outdoor living space runoff water, you end up with this high concentration of water. So, every time they tried to mow grass or the kids would be out here playing in this area, it was so saturated, it was more than the ground could perc. They couldn’t keep up with it. We put a curtain drain across the landscape. And here we’ve got a curtain drain running around the outdoor living space. We’re going to catch all this runoff. We’re going to grab all the runoff water with a curtain French drain system.

We’re going to take this curtain French drain system to the closest evacuation point, and that’s that culvert right there. Now this culvert takes the water out to a wetland area. Now our system works amazing. This curtain French drain moves more water per minute than any other curtain French drain. Our competitors can’t even compete with what we built. Having said that, they only work as good as the area of discharge. If this wetlands ever floods, if we’re having rain event after rain event and riverbanks were overflowing; these wetlands are swelling with water and the water back feeds; you do have to wait until the water does receipt, then the French drain. We’ll drain the yard and lower the water table.

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