Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe Connection for Underground Drainage System in Clarkston, MI

Corrugated Pipe Joint - Tile TapeWe’re in Clarkston, Michigan, and we’re going to tape a connection on our downspout pipe. We’re running an underground drainage system in Clarkston, Michigan, and wanted to show you the right way to tape a joint so that tree roots can’t get in it.  This is better than PVC pipe or SDR pipe because when you glue it in Michigan, those glue welds break during the freeze and thaw cycles in winter.

This tape is a special tape. It’s unbelievably sticky. It has this stretch that’s incredible. It’ll form to the shape of the pipe. This’ll connection will last a hundred years.  And unlike a glue joint that you’re going to get on PVC pipe, that’s going to crack in the winter time from the frost, pushing up and down on the pipe and moving it and all these directions. You have this stiff glue weld that breaks. This is flexible. It’s flexible in the cold. This tape works when it’s wet. It works when it’s below freezing. It’s an amazing title tape. We buy an extra sticky and this one has extra stretch to it, but that’s the right way to make a connection on an underground downspouts system here in Michigan.

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