Channel Drain Failures and Why We Love NDS Mini Channel Drain

NDS Mini Channel DrainsI want to talk a little bit about channel drains. I want to keep it simple and I want to keep it short for you guys. I’ve been going out on a lot of appointments and I’m seeing work that other guys have done and I’m seeing failure in it. I’m going to tell you where the failures lie. Failures lie, they usually use a micro drain. They try and tease that these micro drains are really, really cheap. The cement guys love him and even if they handle the volume of water, they plugged because they’re so small.  Never take them to a dry well. It’s an invitation to for failure basically. If you have great percolating soil, which is. It’s unusual in the southeastern side of Michigan where I’m at, you don’t see it too often.

I like to take these to a storm drain or in this case, we have it going through a retaining wall and it dropped several feet and goes into a creek in the back of the lot.  So to code, you have to shed water away from a pool here. So we’re doing this pool yard to shelter, living space, and you also have to shed the water away from the home.

This is the perfect, perfect location for one of the NDS mini channel drains. Love them, love them. The outperform the micro drains, they’re not going to plug with debris. They’re going to be able to move some of the debris easily. You’ve got a two-inch pipe that discharges. We have the discharge a couple feet down and it goes through that retaining wall. Then the water just runs across the backyard there to the little stream that goes across the back of the property. We got a little creek back there, nice and clean. Neat.

You really have to manage your stormwater on these large outdoor living spaces. Channel drains are also popular in front of garages. You know there’s. There’s a lot of areas that call for channel drain, but the failures lie when they try to take them to a dry well, I mean a channel drain to know where is a liability. These guys come, they pour your driveway, they put a channel drain in and the water is not routed and discharged properly. So really quiz your contractors if you’re a homeowner, if you are a contractor, be very conscious of this. Dry wells typically will not work in the micro drains are a liability.

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