Channel Drain and a Lift Pump Prevents Garage From Flooding

How to fix water in garage - Channel Drain with Lift PumpA great fix for when you have water running down your driveway into your garage usually means your garage is lower than the street. We did this n the nineties and I was in the neighborhood and I’ve been getting a lot of calls for this. I’ve been doing a lot of estimates for this.

We bust out the concrete and then we slope it. We worked the, a grade, do some excavation and we pour new concrete. This slopes to the channel drain.  So, when the water is running down the driveway, like a luge during rain, it hits this channel drain. If it’s over with a lot of velocity, it might try to go up and then gravity will bring it back.

We piped it to a storm drain basin right here and put a lift pump in it, and we take that out to the road.

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