Bloomfield Hills Lawn Drainage Featured Project

We’re in beautiful Bloomfield Hills, Michigan installing a sump pump, buried downspouts and a curtain drain all in one drainage trench. This is going to be a good one and there’s going to be a lot of material here that’s helpful to the contractor or to the homeowner.

We have a crazy flat yard and water can’t find its way out of this yard. So we’re going to build a drain and we’re going to catch all this sheet water off this concrete. We’re going to have an open French drain and a yard drain in the same trench combined.

Bloomfield Hills Lawn Drainage: Curtain Drain, Sump Pump and Buried Downspouts

Bloomfield Hills Lawn Drainage: Curtain Drain, Sump Pump and Buried Downspouts

When you have non-permeable surfaces (usually patios) whether it’s brick pavers or concrete, they don’t take in any water. They just basically shed sheet water. By the time the rain makes it to the end of the patio it’s coming off in sheets.

This is the same for your rooftop. The water that builds up coming off your rooftop and by the time it’s caught in the gutter, it’s sheet water and it’s coming off in sheets during a downpour. It’s then going to travel down the gutter to the downspout and wherever you discharge that water, if you discharge that water too close to your house, you’re going to have issues. I like to be  20 plus feet away from the house with the downspouts. When you’re having that gutter water come down the gutter down spout, you want to catch it and you don’t want to let it go.  Why would you want to let it go anywhere near the house?

Since we’re doing this curtain French drain, yard drain combination around this yard, we’re going to take advantage of this trench. We’re going to take our sweat equity and the client’s money, and we’re going to be able to put three systems in one trench. That’s what’s unique about this job. This job has three systems in the exact same trench. We’re catching all the roof runoff. We’re managing the roof runoff properly. We’re evacuating it from the backyard, from the property. Now to get up and out of this yard, we have to go uphill. So we’re going to catch all the water and we’re going to run this trench on a 2% slope. The water’s going to be ripping. When the sheet water comes off the roof, when the sheet water comes off the driveway, when the sheet water comes off that outdoor living space, this system’s going to keep up because on 2% slope, it’s going to be moving water. We’re going to have velocity. The water’s really going to be traveling.

Who Do I Call for Lawn Drainage in Bloomfield Hills?

If you live in Bloomfield Hills or Northern Oakland County the French Drain Man Crew will provide full service yard drainage solutions including French drains, yard drains, buried downspout, sump systems – basically anything outdoor drainage. Contact our office today by calling: 248-505-3065.

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