Billy Goat Sod Cutter Review

Billy Goat Sod Cutter ReviewWe were going through sod cutter after sod, cutter after sod cutter. Finally, I felt comfortable with the Bluebirds and then we ran the Bluebirds for years. They’re pretty solid unit but they’re not Hydros. So there were chains and belts that this machine does not have that were always an issue. I’ll tell you what, this is not a cheap sod cutter but contractors, I’m here to tell ya, this thing’s built like a tank. Everything is quarter-inch steel. I mean it’s just truly built like a tank. That weight helps you when you set it for a really deep cut to get that two and a half inches. And guys, we’ve been running this thing hard for two seasons now. I mean really, really hard like showing it no love, kind of hard and has yet to have anything fail.

So my review on this Billy Goat sod cutter, this hydro and there’s only a couple on the market so there’s not a lot to choose from. But you know, you don’t what they say by about hydraulics and hydros. I mean, it’s liquid steel, you know, This stuff is less likely to break. So three decades of dealing with Ryan’s and all these others that I now hate and can’t stand. And the Bluebird, as I said, was kind of the one that we settled on for 20 years prior to getting this Billy Goat. But I will recommend this Billy Goat over and over and have and have it’s worth the investment. Yeah. And the price tag is a bit steep, guys, I’m just gonna tell ya, you’re looking at about $5000 here. for a sod cutter, but it will be the last sod cutter you ever buy. And when you can send it out and know that it’s not going to break. So here’s a testimonial from the French Drain Man. This thing’s built solid and you’re going to spend more time pounding jobs in the ground and moving forward instead of sitting there broken down.

All right guys, until the next video.