Better Storm and Sanitary Sewers with Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) Dual Walled Pipe

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Pipe - ADSI’m on a new development. I just wanted to talk real quick about what they’re doing with our infrastructure. I love seeing this. I’ve been noticing this all summer long. I’ve been seeing 18, 24, 36 inch. Basically, this pipe here is made by ADS. It’s a storm pipe. It’s dual walled. You got the dual wall corrugated pipe. It comes in triple walled as well, you got your storm pipe and you’ve got your sewer pipe or sanitary pipe. They have a belled end is an extended bill and then they have a double gasket on the other end. This pipe is 100 percent stiffer than pipes used in the past.

When you’re looking at all the sinkholes that we’ve had everywhere. I mean most of that is from failed infrastructure. When a stormwater or sanitary sewer happens to crumble, start to deteriorate, then dirt starts to fall into that storm drain and it gets washed away creating a sinkhole. So I love seeing this product. I love this product. I love working with this type of material. We stay away from the concrete. We stay away from galvanized culverts and things like that. This here is just a huge step towards building better storm sewers, better sanitary sewers.

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