Best Yard Drain Basin on the Planet

Polylok Yard Drain BasinI love this company. I mean the quality of all of their products. It’s insane. I honestly don’t know how NDS is still in business, to be honest. I just, it’s garbage. I think the only reason why they sell their junk is that it’s in the big box stores and people don’t know there’s an option.

That keeps the frost from heaving that that is sweet, nice cleanout nice 12 inch round clean-out. I love these things. This makes it so practical as a location where you want to be able to access your yard drain.

Now there’s a difference between a French drain and a yard drain, a French drain has stone. A yard drain does not. So keep that in mind.

We are putting in eight driveway drain and I’m worried as far as organic materials being collected from the trees around, so I want to put this in so that we can easily access it in the event that there’s a lot of big leaves that end up stuck in the discharge line.

You can drive over this basin and everything. I mean this thing has made really strong and there’s no way that frost can push it up.

The legs on there.

Yeah. Very nice. Nice stuff man. That is some heavy, heavy material man. That is really strong.

I love that. It’s so deep. It’s like a 16 inches deep, I believe. And then the 12 inches around, I mean this was definitely the best yard drain basin.

Versus those little ones.

Yeah. I’ve not seen one built this strong in this good. I mean this was some serious quality, high quality and then those legs, the way it holds the basin down so the frost can’t heave it.

That’s awesome. I do the same thing.

Until you get enough to where it’ll pop up is the only way to do it. You can’t really cut around it.

It’s a pretty heavy wall.

I don’t know what these are made out of, but it is a great material. I mean it just, I think it’s still an HDPE but it’s not like hard plastic and it has some gifts so it won’t crack. I mean, it’s an incredibly strong, ridiculously strong.

When you put the pipe in that, it’s a great connection. Yeah, I’ve never seen a connection so good. You can’t pull it out. So when you’re piling dirt on this, this snaps on and you can see it’s braced. When you put this in the ground and you put dirt on this. See now the frost can’t heave it out of the ground. So this is an amazing design, incredible basin, and we give it our approval. Big time. I mean, this is the only one we use in yard drains.

Now again, for the comment section and the peanut gallery, you don’t use these in French drains. This is a yard drain basin and we’ll show you guys how to use these things in the future. But don’t confuse this to be a French drain because it’s not, they’re different. Yard drain does not have any stone in it.

Now when people try to do this hybrid system and they use the same pipe, that’s what we don’t like. That’s what we preach not to do. We’ll show you how to do a yard drain, French drain combo.

All right guys, stay tuned and until the next video.

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