Best Underground Drainage Pipe for Roof Runoff Water

Best Underground Drainage Pipe for Roof RunoffWe’re in beautiful Rochester, Michigan. We’re installing a drainage system for roof water, roof runoff, water. We’re putting in a drainage system for all the downspouts.  We’re running them underground because as high as this house is, it just goes to show you that you have to manage your roof water as high as this house is, they’re still having water problems.  The husband called me, he and the wife talked it over and decided to make the investment into a really good underground drainage system.

So what we did to manage all this roof water is we went with the dual wall. The Dual wall is something that I’ve been covering. Seems like nobody knows about it and never see anything about it, but it’s smooth on the inside, it’s smooth on the inside, it’s corrugated on the outside. Now this hill is humped, which means if you tried to do this with plastic pipe, you know what I refer to as a resident pipe. PVC Pipe. You know your, your SDR.

That pipe a 22-degree elbow ain’t gonna do it for you. There’s 22. There’s 45 or 60, there are 90-degree elbows. With this, if I need eight degrees, if I need five degrees, if I need 11 degrees, I’m getting it. That’s what’s great. This pipe has the flexibility and they’re 20-foot sticks instead of 10. So you minimize your connections and instead of glue connections, which here in Michigan because these underground drainage systems end up in the frost and they’re always moving up and down, they just break the glue welds.  And then trees as they grow, their roots did end to these underground drainage systems right through where the glue welds break.

So what we do is we do the same thing that all the farmers are doing because this is where this material basically comes from. We use a PVC tape. It’s made just for this pipe. You can apply it in the cold here. This morning it was 25 degrees. This tape, it’s stretched, it’s super sticky it. So we got a 20-footer and then we go ahead and we tape it really good to another 20-footer and then we continue our run. And again this is humped so this pipe is ideal for so many applications. So I just wanted to show an actual infield use of this pipe because I’ve done a couple of videos in the yard just in our inventory.

The other thing too is what’s nice is inside this dual wall pipe, certain popups will just fit perfect. So this is spring loaded. When the water is done running out of the drainage system and the rain event is over, it just closes.  That simple.  It will let shingle gravel out and there’s no friction at all. This is a pretty long run. I got 2, 20-footers put together, so you’ve got 40 feet right there and even with the fall off the rooftop, we’re going to pick up some velocity. It’s going to move that shingle gravel along. We went to the dual wall because we wanted to cut down on friction and it’s smooth on the inside, which the shingle gravel will then just roll. We’ll build up some PSI and that will be enough to push the shingle gravel out that pop up without a problem.

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