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Best Downspout Pipe for Underground DrainageWhat is dual wall corrugated pipe? Seems like nobody’s talking about it. Everyone wants to bad mouth corrugated pipe when there’s no slope. Oh, they say all the debris is get caught in it. It’s smooth on the inside. That’s dual law. You’ve got the corrugator on the outside. It gives you a certain amount of flexibility, which is fantastic. Really Nice to work with and in the wintertime here in Michigan or in the north, you can get a little bit of expansion during the freeze and thaw cycles. It doesn’t crack the pipe. We don’t have glue joints. We don’t use silicone either. That part really makes me laugh. The silicone.

We use a tile tape. It’s super stretchy, super sticky it will last 100 years, it’ll take the freeze and thaw and the movement. It’s dynamite. So we love the tile tape. We use a tile tape, I’ll do some videos on that.  But this is dual wall where it’s corrugated on the outside, smooth on the inside. Really flexible, far superior to any other product.

We have some dual ran right here to a six-inch catch basin. We wanted to empty this pipe out so we had to go. It’s actually a really far run. Had to go far with it so that we want the pipe to be completely empty, not holding any water, so we want it to fall. We shot this with a laser level. All the topol is right through here. Just read flat. It was just flat all through here.  It wasn’t getting any fall.

We took this under the walk and finally, the grade broke so we got enough break to where we empty out that pipe so it doesn’t hold water. That’s key. Do not just run it underneath the walk and leave a belly in it. Then you’re going to end up with a frozen block of ice or like a sink trap where you catch all your debris.

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