Best Buried Downspout for Roof Runoff Water

Best buried downspouts for roof runoff waterWe’re installing underground downspouts for roof runoff water. We’re using a dual wall pipe. It’s smooth on the inside and it’s corrugated on the outside. Here is a shorter piece.  Smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside. This pipe is incredibly strong. It has some flexibility so that we can make bends.

What we did here is we chose not to run the downspouts to the driveway. Here in Michigan, the driveways will just ice right up. That would’ve been fantastic in the Sunbelt region because this driveway could be used just as a luge for the water to run right out to the front ditch into the city storm. Instead, we chose to get away from the driveway and away from the house because we don’t want the water to go back down towards the walkout basement so we have really long runs.

We have to keep up the speed. We can’t lose our velocity. We want to move volumes of water here. We stagger where the basins are going to end up by a few feet. We also drill holes in the bottom of the basins. Soil does perk here a little bit so that way they won’t hold water.

You got a choice of green or black lids. This homeowner wanted the green lids, so they get lost in the lawn. The advantage of the black lids are they actually help keep the basin thawed out when the sun’s out. Even in the wintertime, they heat up more.

So in this trench here, we’re going to be running two pipes. We use tile tape. It’s a PVC tape, super stretchy, super sticky, better than silicone, better than any kind of PVC cement. When it comes to a corrugated pipe, you do want to use this tile tape. It lasts for 100 plus years. It’s made of a compound that of a PVC. It’s thin, super stretchy, super sticky, really great joints.

Now you can see how this dual wall made this arc. That’s the beauty of it. Nice soft arc. You got the smooth interior, so you’re going to move a lot of water. You’re not going to have the friction. You don’t have to worry about shingle gravel getting stuck in it.

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