Introducing the revolutionary, new triple patent pending design for catch basins that will make all other inline catch basins obsolete. This innovative design boasts a larger sump capacity for sediment, and a slim 5″ width to fit in a trench made with a trencher. The best part is, the slim design does not require a large hole, making installation a breeze.

The distance from inlet to outlet is greater than that of a traditional 12 x 12 catch basin, allowing for more sediment to be caught, and keeping your drain system pipe nice and clean. The top of the basin is shaped like a round 4″ drain pipe, ensuring that if your system has a 1% slope, no water will stand and freeze in the winter in the top portion of the catch basin.

For use with SDR 35 PVC you must purchase 2 adapters:
FDM SDR 35 PVC to Schedule 40 PVC adapter.