New! FDM’s Dry Fit NO GLUE Coupler

The best adapter to connect 4 in. corrugated pipe to any 4 in. smooth wall PVC pipe.  Made out of HDPE – the strongest material on the planet, yet flexible enough for underground buried downspouts. Made in the USA.

4 in. Corrugated to 4 in. PVC Coupler

Easy Installation!

Featured Downspout Kits

Featured Downspout Kits

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French Drain Man – Michigan’s Yard Water Drainage Expert.

Over 30 years’ experience in solving yard water drainage problems.

Masters in the art of constructing contained French drain systems & curtain drain systems that last for years; and fix your yard drainage problems.

Make the most of your Michigan property by having us install a drainage system that will control the water in your yard. Help protect your Michigan home from a damp or wet basement by contracting us to design a French drain or curtain drain system directing your roofs runoff water away from your Michigan home.

Water is a liability when not managed properly resulting in deteriorating of your home, landscaping, outbuilding, deck posts, and lawn just to name a few.

Create a safe environment for your children and pets reducing the chance of mold, mildew, mosquitoes and so many more health hazards associated with standing water.

What we can do to resolve your yard drainage problems:

  • French Drain System Installation
  • Curtain Drain System Installation
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • Run Sump Pump Lines
  • Add Outdoor Crock/Well
  • Bury Downspouts
  • Rubble Drains

Michigan’s French Drain Man is owned and operated by Sherwood Landscape Construction LLC so we can offer full-service restoration that other landscape design companies can’t provide. Looking to go through your yard for a complete transformation? Allow us to take care of all your yards construction needs.

For a detailed fit and finished install, hassle free, headache free. Call today for an evaluation and estimate to restore your property allowing you to get the most from your outdoor living experience.

French Drain Installation

Customer Testimonial

Thank you!

I have to say that working with Sherwood on this project, while unexpected and less than ideal circumstances, was one of the best experiences I’ve had working with professional contractors in the Macomb area.

Bob, you talked me through every step of the process to such detail and ease, along with the great video documentation of like work put all my anxiety to rest and my expectations on the level.

The office staff was quick to recognize my situation and urgency and to accommodate my situation with delicate care.

The crew, wow! Hard working and fast about it, no corners cut and everything done to perfection. They were very friendly and happy to put in the extra care!

My only complaint is that once the work was done, I couldn’t really see it… the work was done so perfectly that there is literally no evidence of the job being done!  Well, that is besides the fact that two storms came through this afternoon and my yard is nice and dry!

Thank You Sherwood!

Ben D., Macomb Township, MI

Bob, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and Scott for the work at my home last week.

The job was completed in a timely manner, the crew was very attentive to Scott’s directions, and I felt that you definitely delivered the best solution given my circumstances and budget. As you’re aware, I’ve “dumped” plenty of money into ill-conceived patio repairs over the last 15 years, and had nothing to show for it. You took the time to come up with a solution (pump, heater, and drainage design), that gives me an opportunity to finally enjoy the patio and a dry family room!

I will talk to you in the spring to discuss other projects that will further improve my landscape.

In the meantime, please feel free to give out my address and phone number to anyone wanting a reference for Sherwood Landscape and Construction.

Stu R. - West Bloomfield, MI