• The first Drainage Pipe made specifically for yard Drainage, crawl space, interior basement de-watering, and exterior basement waterproofing. High Octane® needs 1"-2" aggregate to get the most out of its industry-leading 17 plus square inches of inlet per linear ft. The inlets are so large sediments wash through the pipe instead of plugging the pipe allowing for an open French drain that is not fully wrapped and contained. High Octane® takes in water faster than any other Drainage pipe on the planet. The industry leader in performance and reliability - the High Octane® drainage pipe is 2nd to none!
  • FDM's 200 Year Tape - Extra Sticky & Extra Stretchy makes watertight junctions and connections. Unlike other tapes of its kind, it has amazing grip and stretching capabilities, making it the best in the industry. FDM's 200 Year Tape - Extra Sticky & Extra Stretchy can be used in a variety of applications, including marine, field tiling, plumbing, automotive, and maintenance.
  • French Drain Man's Full Throttle 12" x 12" Blind inlet Grates (4-Pack) that snap together as a 24" x 24" inlet when needed. Available in multiple colors (Royal Blue, Black, White).
  • Heavy Duty 6" long fabric pins (landscape staples) specifically designed to hold down drainage fabric.
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    Double Punched Non-Woven Geotextile Drainage Filter Fabric 4 oz- Commercial Grade – 150 Year Fabric – Made in USA (10 sizes) Our purpose built non-woven geotextile filter fabric is made of 100% polypropylene, making it strong yet soft and flexible. It has been needle punched twice which allows water to go through while preventing soils and other material from passing, extending your drainage systems life and performance. It is also great for many other applications including farming/gardening, landscaping drainage, road stabilization and retaining walls.


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