Polylok 4 in. Flow Gate with 90 degree SDR PVC & Cone Combo (Traditional flow gate)
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Dimensions and Specifications

Polylok 4″ Flow Gate

The Polylok 4 in. Flow Gate is designed to help solve multiple drainage needs. It can be used with 4 in. drain and sewer fittings. Allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes, and poor drainage areas.

Flow gate and cone are glued together.

90 degree SDR PVC

4″ 90-degree short turn or Street Quarter Bend used to change direction in piping in sewer lines, septic tank seepage systems, and perimeter drains.

French Drain Man Corrugated Pipe Adapter aka Cone (4 in. corrugated to 4 in. SDR 35)

This pipe adapter (The Cone) allows you to connect 4″ corrugated pipe to a 4″ SDR 35 socket.

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