Installing a catch basin to your buried downspout system is a low-maintenance solution to prevent the build-up of debris in your drain pipes. The shingle gravel will just flow right into the catch basin. It is also a great clean out, you can easily enter the inline catch basin with a garden hose to push any debris out.

This is the easiest catch basin on the market.  Hooks up in seconds. FDM provides DIYers and contractors with quick easy products making the installation process easier and more efficient.

Inline inlet or outlet basin for 4 in. corrugated pipe. The decorative turf restrictor helps stop grass from growing over the inlet or outlet of the basin.

4 in. inside diameter sump pit reduces the amount of water left to leach into the subsoil. We designed these catch basins with holes to prevent a frozen catch basin for those who live in the North. For those who live in the South, the holes prevent water from sitting in the basin and giving off a pungent odor or creating a petri dish of bacteria in it.